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The Surface tablet appears in its first television show

31 Oct

The Surface tablet appears in its first television show.


The Stryker family adds a new vehicle

31 Oct

The Stryker family adds a new vehicle.

Microsoft revi\eals their new Windows 8 branded smartphone

30 Oct

Microsoft revi\eals their new Windows 8 branded smartphone.

17-year-old winner of the Google science fair helps breast cancer diagnosis

29 Oct

17-year-old winner of the Google science fair helps breast cancer diagnosis.

Can Microsoft’s new Surface rise to the top of the tablet race?

28 Oct

Can Microsoft's new Surface rise to the top of the tablet race?.

Review: Seeds across the Sky

26 Oct

Seeds Across the Sky is the fourth book in Mark Whiteway’s popular science fiction Lodestone chronicles. In this latest installment we find Keris, head of the Division of Maintenance of World Order, investigating the thief of an artifact. Her investigation leads her to a bar and Alexander Edward McMann, the last human on Kelanni. He produces the artifact she looking for and reveals how her people came to be known as the Kela-nesh-hannani, those who have been cast out. Curious to find out this knowledge she follows him to an ancient archive where she listens to a sphere log that tells the story of how the Helvenian people came to be the Kelanni. From the first time that Keris plugs in the sphere and we hear the voice of Zemira as she keeps us spellbound with tale of her first meeting with energy being called Ash, the events that lead up to desperate group of Helvenians being launched into space and their struggles to survive. Throughout the telling of her story we find ourselves emotionally ivested as Zemira reluctantly co-operates with Ash but keeps a suspicious eye on him until she can figure out his ultimate goal and just how it will impact the Helvenian people. Zemira knows that she will eventually have to challenge Ash but not until she discovers how far his influence goes and the limits of his power.

Mr. Whiteway uses the element of suspense extremely well in this book not just with the mysterious Ash and what are his plans are, but who is responsible for the explosion on the the solar sailing vessel known as the lattice and who betrayed Zemira’s plan to return to Helvena. One of my favorite parts and another example of the use of suspense is the epic battle between what has become known as the rimmers, Zemira and the others that have been exiled to the outer circles of the lattice, known as rimmers, and those living near the center, known as hubbers.
I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys science fiction involving space travel, conflicts between good and evil or just the struggles to overcome prejudices.

I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars

Microsoft releases Windows 8 in New York event

26 Oct

Microsoft releases Windows 8 in New York event.

Review: The Wicked Wives

25 Oct

Wicked Wives by Gustine H. Pelagatti is a legal thriller that will captivate its audience with ruthless politics, murdering wives and lovers, conspiracies and romance. It is a fiction account of an actual poisoning crime ring that took place in the city of Philadelphia in the late 1930s. The story starts with Lilian and Reggie Stoner having a night out and discussing their failing marriage. Shortly after the couple arrive home Reggie is dead. Even though the family doctor rules that the death is a result of pneumonia the assistant District Attorney thinks otherwise. Soon the assistant District Attorney starts investigating the death of Reggie Stoner but quickly runs into a road in the form of Deputy Mayor Bill Evans, a ruthless politician and Lilian’s uncle. Despite the threats, from the Deputy Mayor, assistant D.A. Tom Rossi continues his investigation where he uncovers more murders and soon finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy ring of wives poisoning their husbands, insurance fraud and sex. As Mr. Rossi digs into his investigation he finds that the ring is being orchestrated by a mysterious woman only known as the woman in black referring to the all black outfit she wears. It is not long before Mr. Rossi starts making arrest in the case only to run into some complications as some of his key witnesses being dying at the hands of the mysterious woman in black and her companion only known as the giant. Eventually Mr. Rossi arrest and tries Lilian Stoner, Eva Bell Fitzpatrick, Joanna Napoli, Giorgio Dicipio and several other wives and conspirators. Through all the trails and convictions he keeps looking for the mysterious woman and her companion. They finally track down the giant but it is too late as Mr. Rossi and Chief of detectives Mike Fine find the man has been poisoned by the woman in black.

Throughout the book Mr. Pelagatti shows a great command of the element of suspense with keeping us guess on just who this mystery woman can be and just how she is able to one step ahead in the investigation.

The book is thoroughly enjoyable as you will find yourself involved in the investigation wanting to find out just how deep it will go. I would recommend this book to anyone that enjoys murder mysteries, politics and legal fiction.

I give it 5 out of 5 stars

Apple gives us two new iPads

25 Oct

Apple gives us two new iPads.

Mammograms are important

21 Oct

Mammograms are important.