Tethercell adds Bluetooth control to your AA-powered devices

8 Jan

We have all heard the phrase “it’s not rocket science” but when it comes to building a smart battery it took a couple of rocket scientist. Last year a couple of the engineers, Trey Madhyastha and Kellan O’Connor, that brought us the Spacex rocket started a company named Tetherboard. That company is introducing the next generation of battery (called Tethercell) at the CES (consumer electronics show) in Las Vegas.

Tethercell is the first battery designed with the mobile generation in mind. The battery allows you to use smartphone or tablet to become a remote control for all of you devices that use AA batteries. As one promotional video you could leave the light on your bicycle on to light your path and turn it off from a distance.

You are probably wondering just how Tethercell works. It is actually a double A case with a chip in it that converts any AAA battery into a bluetooth controlled AA battery. You just simply slip the AAA battery into the Tethercell case and download the app on on your android or iOS device. Once done are now ready to control your AA powered devices or checked the power level so that you know when the batteries need to be changed.

Just think now you will be able to know when the batteries are getting low in your smoke or carbon dioxide detectors before that annoy beep starts sounding. No more going to those important events and go to take a picture only to find out your batteries are dead in your camera. When your son or daughter refuses to turn down their portable CD player you can simply bring up the app on your smartphone or tablet and turn their CD player off. There are so many more uses for the Tetthercell.

Currently though the Tethercell is a whopping $30 putting it out of a practical range for most people but they are hoping to have the price down to a more manageable $10 soon.

For more on this topic go to the Cnet article.


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