4 apps to make your Academy award experience better

21 Feb

This Sunday is the big day that the Academy of Arts and Sciences recognize their peers by handing out that grand old man known as Oscar. The Oscars have lost a little of their luster since the first awards were given out in 1929. Lately it has become more about what the attendees are wearing and the entertainment. Whether you watch the Oscars for the awards or for the glitz and glamor there are a few apps that will help you catch every moment when you can’t be in front of a television.

  • Oscars is the official app for the Academy that will allow you to catch everything Oscars on your iOS, android and Kindle Fire mobile devices. With this you will be able to not only keep track of what you are missing when you can’t be in front the television but you also have the trailers of nominated movies, background on the actors & actresses, fashion specials and more. The app is free for all of these formats.

  • E! live from the red carpet is an app that puts you right there at the grand entrance as you hear interviews with celebrities, see pictures from the red carpet events and discussions of the fashions. You will want to keep this app even after the Academy awards as it will give you the same access for all the award shows. The app is free for iOS, android, Kindle Fire and Windows mobile devices.

  • Award heroes Oscars edition is an app for your iOS mobile devices that gives you the power to act as though you are a member of the Academy and vote all the nominees and then share your vote with your Facebook friends and see if they would vote the same. With this free app you will also be able to watch the trailers of the nominated movies.

  • Oscars quiz is a free app for your android mobile devices that will test your knowledge of the Academy awards going back to 1929.




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