5 apps for putting some sanity in your March Madnes

21 Mar

It is that time of the year once again. March is the one month every year that sports fans and non-sport fans alike breakout their pencils, paper and crystal balls. Just about all of us get caught up in March Madness and track the NCAA Basketball tournament. Filling out the bracket, following the games and predicting an ultimate winner of the tournament has become a favorite pastime from the President on down to the office workers making betting pools.

With the so many games going on at once, blackouts and our time schedules we can’t always watch the games or even catch the re-caps on the news. In these cases it is good to know that there are some mobile apps to help us keep up with the winners and losers.

  1. ESPN bracket bound 2013 is a free app for your iOS mobile devices, android-based devices and Kindle Fires that allows you to create upto ten brackets, keep up with the games and latest news of the “big dance”.

  2. NCAA March Madness Live is a free app for both your iOS and android-based mobile devices that lets you follow the brackets, scores and schedules of all the teams as they march to that final big crown.

  3. PocketBracket is an app for both your android-based and iOS mobile device that for a small fee of $0.99 gives you the power of being able to have unlimited brackets, automatic ranking, organize your betting pools, keep up with all the scores and updates plus it lets you share everything on both Facebook and twitter.

  4. Sporting News NCAAB is a free app for both your iOS and android-based mobile devices that lets you pick and track your favorite team plus post to both Facebook and twitter where you can do alittle trash talking of your own.

  5. Bracket challenger for Obama’s picks is an app for your iOS mobile devices that for the small price of $0.99 lets you put your basketball knowledge up against the President of the United States as you try to pick the winner of the “big dance”.



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