Walmart takes a cue from amazon and installs in-store lockers

28 Mar

In the ongoing battle between retailers and e-tailers, Walmart is taking the next step. According to a report by Reuters the retail giant is taking the battle into cyberspace as they take a page out of Amazon’s own playbook by installing lockers where on-line customers can pick up their orders. A move telling the Seattle-based e-commerce giant that we are stepping up our on-line game.

“We can build e-commerce equivalent to anyone in the world,” Ashe said. Mixing the company’s expanding online capabilities with its knowledge from running stores for 50 years “creates a commerce experience that no one else can do.”

Back in October of 2011 Seattle-based e-commerce giant Amazon started placing lockers in 7-11 and other retail establishments to give customers a place to pick up their orders when they couldn’t be at home. This gave Amazon a presence in the world of brick & mortar stores threatening the larger retailers, such as, Walmart and Target. The brick & mortar stores saw this as a declaration of war between retailers and e-tailers.

In May of 2012 Target took the first step in retaliation as they dropped the Kindle family for their stores. Then in September of 2012 Jeff brought you the story of Walmart saying that they are banishing the Kindle line of e-readers and tablets from their stores. Target didn’t give a reason but Walmart stated that they were dropping Amazon’s top selling e-readers and tablets because of showcasing, a practice where customers will come-in and try products that they then order from on-line sites to get a lower price. By doing this both Target and Walmart sent the message that they were declaring war on the Seattle-based company.

Walmart already offers customers the option of having their merchandise sent to the nearest Walmart store. Since there are so many Walmart stores this move brings up a question. Is this really a good step for the retail giant to take?

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