Today we says happy 40th birthday to the cellular phone

3 Apr

Today we celebrate the 40th birthday of the one gadget that just about all of us everyday and started the mobile revolution. It is hard to believe that the cellular phones most of us carry around our hectic day saw its beginnings four decades ago. With the ones we carry around today we can take videos, write notes, surf the web, shop and of course make calls. These ones are a far cry from the one that was created on April 3, 1973.

On April 3, 1973 John Mitchell and Dr. Martin Cooper, both employee’s of Motorola, announced Dr. Cooper’s latest invention. His invention was a the humble cellular phone. Dr. Cooper demostrated his invention that day by making the first cell call to a land line on the roof at Bell Labs to his biggest competitor Dr. Joel S. Engel.

“I called and told him, ‘Joel, I’m calling you from a cellular phone, a real cellular phone, a handheld, portable, real cellular phone’,” Cooper recalled.

Even though onlookers and reporters were impressed with the cellular phone, it was another 10 years before there was a model that would be available to the public. That model, also made by Dr. Cooper, was a 10-inch tall, 2.5 pound monstrosity named the DynaTAC 8000x but we new it better as ‘the brick’. The cost of this monster was a whooping $3,900 dollars a far cry from the $199 or less range that most cellular phones fit into today.

The next big innovation came in 1989 when Motorola came out with a flip phone that could be carried in a pocket. The phone was still big at 9-inches long but it was much thinner and weighed a mere 12.3 ounces. Besides fitting in our pockets this phone also had some feature, such as, a calculator, phone book and hands-free capabilities.

With the 1990’s cellular technology experienced some big leaps as more companies jumped on the cellular bandwagon. Motrorola gave us smaller and lighter cellular phone with there starTAC series that came out in the mid 1990’s, IBM and Phillips came out with the first attempts at smartphones and Nokia jumped in with the model 3210 that many of start the cellular phone addiction for many of us.

The next big leap came in the earlier 2000’s when we were officially launched into the smartphone era with the introduction of T-Mobile’s sidekick. Then we had the BlackBerry craze that gave us the phrase “crackberry”. Then in 2007 there was the introduction of the iPhone as Apple jumped into the smartphone craze. All of these leading into the mobile generation that we have become today.



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