Seattle, we have a problem.

10 Apr

After yesterdays win Seattle fans where riding high coming into tonight’s game. With a a rookie picture starting the game for the Mariners we were really sure what we would be in for but nothing could prepare us for what we saw. The first start off with three straight singles before the first out was recorded. Carlos Pena hit a double and J.D. Martinez hit a single before the second out was recorded. A single, a walk and double saw the end of the game for Brandon Maurer. Kameron Loe took over with 2 outs and quickly was able to get a fly out. The top of the 1st was finally over but not before the Astros sent 11 people to the plate making it 6-0 Houston. The Mariner half of the inning went quick as they went 1-2-3.

The 2nd inning seemed that it would be better as Kameron Loe was able to get a quick fly out. It wasn’t to be though as the next batter hit a home run. The next batter hit a single and then another home run made 9-0 Houston. Kameron Loe managed to get the next two batters out to end the top of the 2nd. The Mariners go in order again.

The 3rd inning was more of the same as Kameron Loe gave up a home run. Two outs later he walked a batter and gave up 2 more singles. The next batter makes an out but not before Houston takes an 11-0 lead. The Seattle Mariners once again go in order in their half of the inning.

Charlie Furbush takes over the pitching duties in the 4th and gets two quick outs. Things quickly change as Furbush gives up a walk and a home run to make the score 13-0 Houston. The next batter grounds outs to end the top of the 4th. The Seattle Mariners’ half of the 4th finally saw Eric Bedard in some hot water. Bedard gives up a single to Michael Saunders and the walks two of the next three batters to load the bases. Jesus Morales hit a fly ball to end the 4th with the score 13-0 Houston.

The 5th starts with Charlie Furbush walking the first batter. A single and a walk load the bases with no outs. With the bases loaded Charlie Furbush gets a fly out, a strike out and a ground out to keep the score 13-0 Houston. It is the first inning that Houston doesn’t score. Paul Clemens takes over for the Astros and gives up a single to Dustin Ackly. Robert Andino gets a double before Brendan Ryan hits a sacrifice fly. Jason Bay takes Guti’s spot and hits a single. Michael Saunders hits a sacrifice fly to score Andino. Raul Ibanez pinch hits in for Kendrys Morales and walks. Michael Morse flies out to end the 5th with a score of 13-2 Houston.

Lucas Luetge takes over the pitching duties in the 6th where he promptly gives up two singles. The next batter hits into a double play and a run scores. Luetge strikes out the next batter to end the top of the 6th with a score of 14-2 Houston. The Mariners go in order in their half of the 6th.

In the Astros’ half of the 7th Lucas Luetge does what none of the other Mariner pitchers had been able to do tonight and gets the Astros in order. The Mariners’ half of the 7th looked like it would be a repeat of the 6th as both Robert Andino and Brendan Ryan were two quick outs. Jason Bay hit a home run to give the Seattle Mariners their 3rd run of the game. Then Michael Saunders hits a ground ball to end the inning with a score of 14-3 Houston.

The top of the 8th sees Lucas Luetge give up a double and two singles as Houston adds to their lead. With two runners on and no outs Luetge manages to get the next three batters to hit pop ups. The top of the 8th ends with the score 15-3 Houston. The Mariners’ half of the 8th starts of with both Raul Ibanez and Michael “the beast” Morse hitting home runs. That is all of the scoring as Justin Smoak, Jesus Montero and Dustin Ackly all hit fly ball outs. The 8th ends with the score 15-5 Houston.

Oliver Perez takes over the pitching duties in the top of the 9th. Perez promptly gives up a home run making it 16-5 Houston. The next batter gets a single but that is all the Astros. The Mariners’ half of the 9th started off with Robert Andino hitting a fly ball out. The inning started looking up once Brendan Ryan hit a single and Jason Bay walked. Michael Saunders hit a fly ball out taking some of the wind out of our sails. Raul Ibanez hit an RBI single giving us a glimmer of hope. Michael Morse hit a ground ball that should have been the third out but it turned into a 2-base error that brought a run in. Justin Smoak kept the inning going with a 2-run single. A ground ball by Jesus Montero ended the rally but not before the Mariners scored 3 runs.

The final score 16-9 Houston.



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