Review: Dead man falling by Desmond Cory

12 May


Dead man falling by Desmond Cory is a gripping spy thriller that will capture your imagination all the way to the end. As you read along you will fill as though you are part of the story as you travel across Europe with Johnny Fedora and his lovely companion Marie Andree while track down a stash of diamonds. You will find yourself going through all of the same experiences that Johnny and Marie go through as travel on the train. Your mind will be reeling as you try and figure out the true identity of the former Nazi that is also after the diamonds to fund the rebuilding of the post-war Nazi party.


You will find the characters so well developed that you will feel that you know them. There is the prim and proper Sebastian Trout,Johann Biel the banker with a passion for mountain climbing, Kurt & Eva Mann with their Martin and the much in love honeymoon couple of Paul & Marie-Andree Vidal. The more you read you will wonder if any of these people whom they say they are.


Mr. Cory does a great job of adding details to the story that actually will conjure up visions of the places the the main character travel. You can picture yourself accompanying Johnny Fedora and Marie Andree as they enter the inn in the little Austrian village of Oberneasl. The richness of detail is not just limited to the scenery as you will also be able to picture the characters as though they were standing right in front of you.


I would highly recommend this book to anyone that is a fan of spy novels. If they love characters such as Len Dieghten’s Bernard Samson or Ian Flemming’s James Bond you will enjoy this book.


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