Marissa Mayer is set to make yet another big purchase for Yahoo

27 May


Last week Jeff the story of how Marissa Mayer was trying to put Yahoo back on top by purchasing the popular blogging site Tumblr. This week the spending spree continues as Yahoo is getting set to take Netflix, Amazon and Google as they make a bid for the video streaming site Hulu. If she completes this deal it will be the second big acquisition since Ms. Mayer took over as CEO of Yahoo.

“Hulu is a very nice brand and technology, but the entire negotiation will be about the control and price of content,” one person lose to the situation. “It’s the only thing that matters.”

Marissa Mayer could very well find that she has two obstacles in the way of this acquisition as some source suggest that Yahoo’s offer of $600-$800 million could be seen as too low and other companies, such as, Direct TV and Time-Warner media are sure to put up a though battle. With a strong possibility of even more companies joining in there could very well be a bidding war that will drive the price-tag well over a billion dollars.

This isn’t the first time that Yahoo tried to purchase Hulu. Back in 2011 when Carol Bartz was still the CEO of Yahoo they failed in their attempt to purchase the video streaming company. It could have very well been that failure that was the last nail in her coffin.

If Ms. Mayer can pull off this deal and do what her predecessors have failed to do it would be one the high points in her career to date. The acquisition would also give Yahoo a great start as a competitor in the video streaming competition since Hulu plus currently boast over 70,000 television shows including Glee, Community, Family Guy and Modern Family just to name a few.




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