Is the Nook headed for the digital graveyard this year?

28 May


Will the Nook e-reader/tablet go extinct this year as 24/7 Wall St. is predicting? If it does go away who can we blame for its demise? Was Microsoft’s investment too little, too late? Can the Nook be saved? And what is probably the biggest question is what will Amazon do with no competition to the Kindle?

Over the last few years Amazon has become the favorite target of just about every business that is struggling or about to go out of business. Barnes & Noble is no exception saying that the reason for the Nook’s ills are because the Seattle-based media giant has been able to undercut them on price and offers on the Kindle. Can they really blame Amazon though since Barnes & Noble themselves have been playing one-up-man-ship with Amazon every since the Nook first arrived on the scene in 2009?

So, if they can’t blame Amazon for the downfall of the Nook can they put the blame on the Redmond-based Microsoft for their woes? Back in April of last year Microsoft invested $300 million in Barnes & Noble’s Nook division. Shortly after that investment the sales of the Nook e-readers and tablets started to decline. Does this show that Microsoft buying into the Nook started the decline or was it already on a downward spiral and the money helped the Nook for totally disappearing at that time?

If neither Amazon nor Microsoft are to blame than it must mean that Barnes & Noble is responsible for their own decline. But just what did they do wrong? Maybe it is just a simple pushed the battle with Amazon too far and just simply couldn’t keep up the pace. If that is the case could a further rumored investment by Microsoft be all it will take to bring the Nook back from the brink?

If the Nook does go away could Amazon raise the price on the Kindle as has been suggested by some people? Will any new progress go slow without the the Nook pushing the Kindle? Would it benefit Amazon to help prop up Barnes & Noble the same way that Microsoft did for Apple when they where have problems?


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