Seattle fairs well in Zygna layoffs

12 Jun


Last Tuesday, Jeff brought you the story of Zygna laying off 520 employees over the next three months. When they announced what cities would be affected the office in Seattle received some good news. According to a required filing with the Washington State Employment Security Department of 520 that will be losing their jobs only 2 (less than half of 1%) will come from the Pioneer Square office. This is the second time this year that the Seattle office has been to get away with little or no damage. In February of this year when the casual gaming company had a much smaller employee layoff Seattle was able to remain untouched.

Some other cities that didn’t fair as well where Baltimore, New York, Dallas and Los Angeles. According to Venturebeat it was in the February layoff that Baltimore felt the ax as that entire plant was shut down. The other three; New York, Dallas and Los Angeles all saw their offices shut down in the current round of layoffs. The closures of these four offices just part of the cost saving and re-organization that will hopefully stop the downward spiral that the casual gaming company find themselves experiencing over the last year.

Even with all of the layoffs and closures Zygna still expects to lose between $26 and $36 million in the second quarter of this year. During this downward slide the company jhas also seen their stock slide to under 3 dollars a share.


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