Facebook says most SCAR photos will stay

13 Jun


Most of us have seen the photos that the SCAR project has posted on Facebook. The photos show mostly women and a few men showing off their mastectomy scars. The photos show the subject in various poses where they’re contemplating what they just went through, thinking about what the future holds, gratefulness that they survived or pride in letting others know what to expect in their battle. The majority of us see these SCAR photos as thought provoking and they spark emotional responses. However, the staff at Facebook deemed that some of these photos violate their policy for decency and removed them off of the site.

“On occasion, we may remove a photo showing mastectomy scarring either by mistake, as our teams review millions of pieces of content daily, or because a photo has violated our terms for other reasons,” said a spokesperson in a statement.

Now, thanks to one Facebook viewer’s petition campaign that garnered over 20,000 signatures the photos that Facebook took down are back on the sight. Being diagnosed with breast cancer herself, Scorchy Barrington, had a strong emotional reaction when she saw one of these photos. So, when she heard that some of them had been deleted from the site she went into action to stop Facebook. It only took her two weeks to gather the over 20,000 that convinced the people at Facebook to change their policy and say they will allow most of the SCAR photos to stay.

“I welled up. It surprised me that it was so powerful,” says Barrington, 53, of New York. After hearing that she had scored a victory Ms. Barrington added, “Facebook was good to work with — it wasn’t this scary monolith.”

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