Farwell young Snapjoy you were taken too young

24 Jun


We gather here today to bid farewell a web-based company that died much too young. For just over 2 years (25 months) Snapjoy‘s star burn bright among the clouds as a service that brought all of our pictures together in one organized album. Even though we are bidding farewell today their parents will keep Snapjoy on lifesupport for a month so customers can download their photos before its final demis on July 24th.

“After two years of building Snapjoy, the time has come for us to shut down the service. It’s been a journey unlike anything we’d imagined, and we can’t thank you enough for your support and input along the way,” a spokesperson wrote on the Snapjoy blog.

In 2011 two young men, Micheal Dwan and JP Ren, had an idea an idea for a cloud-based service that would be able to collect together photos that customers place on other photo sites all over the web. Their service would then organize all of those photos into one web album. By May of that year they brought their idea to life and Snapjoy was born.

In October of 2012 the young Snapjoy hit the road with a mobile app for the Iphone. Then in December of 2012 when Snapjoy was 19 months old the web-based file sharing service Dropbox acquired the young photo server. Little Snapjoy was on on the fast track to be a major player now that it could travel and had the added power of Dropbox. The future was looking bright but just like many stars that burn bright they quickly dim.

Even though Snapjoy is leaving us there is the likely possibility that part or all of it breakthrough technology will be resurrected as part of Dropbox.




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