Last month Jeff brought you the story about

24 Jun


Last month Jeff brought you the story about the possible demise of the Nook e-readers and tablets. With the announcement today it makes that prediction, made by 24/7 wall st., seem even more likely to come true. That announcement is that the highly discounted price that Barnes & Nobel was for Father’s Day has been extended with no ending date.


“With the fantastic success of our Father’s Day promotion, we decided to extend the great prices on NOOK HD and NOOK HD+ to help our customers gear up for a great summer reading season,” said Jamie Iannone, President of NOOK Media, in a press release. “In our stores and online, customers have embraced these beautifully designed, lightweight devices with stunning displays that offer great reading and entertainment content.  We’re thrilled to keep in place our best prices ever and deliver great value to make reading more affordable.”


Now, while it could just be for the summer as hinted at in Mr. Iannone’s statement it seems odd that they would be will to take a 35%-45% percent hit their flagship product just to encourage people to read over the summer. When you see a company offer a discount of that size for an extended period of time, especially in the technology field, it brings to mind one of two things. You think either they are coming out with a new version of the product or they are discontinuing the product altogether.


Ever since since Microsoft invested in the Nook line of products there have been rumors that Barnes & Nobel would drop Android and come out with a Windows-based tablet. If this extended discount is just a prelude to a new version of the Nook could it be that those rumors are true and this alliance between these two powerhouses be developing a Windows 8.1 Nook.



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