Seattle start up Familiar gives us an easier way to share our slide shows

28 Jun


There are plenty of apps, for your smartphones and tablets, that will use the pictures stored on your device to make slide shows. These apps are fine if all of the pictures you want to include are on your device and if you are he only you are going to view the slide show. The problem is what if you have picture on Facebook, Instagram and Picasa that you want to include in your slide show or want to share your slide show with someone else?

Familiar, a 2 year-old start up company from Seattle, has just the app you need to solve your problem. There apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac, Android and Kindle Fire allows you to bring photos from your device together with Instagram, Picasa and Facebook to make slide shows that you came share with friends and family. Using this app you can send a slide show of your latest travels or recent baby activity to your relatives.

“Family photos are meant to be seen and should be brought out of recesses of our digital lockers. My goal with Familiar is to bring back the family photo onto our screens, into our living rooms, and back into our lives,” said Marcus Womack, CEO of Familiar on the company website.

Familiar was started in November of 2011 by Marcus Womack, Josh Hepfer, Mike Bohlander, Ray Fortna and Aakash Kambuj. Before co-founding Familiar, Marcus Womack worked at Microsoft as lead program manager for MSN music and Xbox live. He was also a Vice President for the online music service ilike. Roy Fortna worked as the senior software engineer at Urbanspoon for just over a year. Mr. Fortna also spent time working at iLike where he was senior engineer for over 3 years. As with Mr. Womack, Josh Hepfer is a veteran of both Microsoft and iLike as both a product designer and a creative designer. Mike Bohlander is also a veteran of both Microsoft and iLike where he was a software engineer. Aakash Kambuj is a 10 year veteran of Microsoft where he was involved with Sky Drive, Xbox Live, Mesh and SQL Server.


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