Your smartphone could be giving away your shopping habits

16 Jul


Privacy has been an every increasing issue with each new development of technology. We have concerned ourselves with everything from how much privacy we have in chat-rooms to how safe we are when using public wireless networks. There is one privacy issue that most of don’t think about that has become a growing practice. That is department store tracking us through our mobile devices as we shop.

“If you have a Facebook account, you’ve given all your personal info away already. Also, retail stores have had cameras around forever,” notes one commenter on CBS DFW. “[T]here’s nothing new about any of this. They’re just tracking in a different way.”

Many brick and mortar store have joined Euclid to gather information through your mobile devices. The information ranges from how often you visit the store to how long you look at a particular item. On their website Euclid assures that no sensitive information is being collected which is probably true. That assurance still wasn’t enough to keep Seattle-based Nordstrom from opting out when some of their customer voiced complaints after signs were posted in the store to let them know about the monitoring system.

“We’ve said all along that Euclid was a test for us. We had it in select stores since September. We felt like we learned a lot and got great feedback from our customers.” Tara Darrow gave as the reason why Nordstrom opted out of the program in May. Ms. Darrow added “We did hear some complaints”.

A spokesperson for Euclid, Olivia Gallion, told the Huffington Post that customers that are concerned about what is being collected have the option to opt out. She went on tell that once a person opts out that all data collection will stop at that time.


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