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The outlook for the PC gets worse accord to IDC

30 Aug

The outlook for the PC gets worse accord to IDC.


The return of the Mars hoax

28 Aug

The return of the Mars hoax.

This Friday the new BlackBerry Q10 comes to Sprint

27 Aug

This Friday the new BlackBerry Q10 comes to Sprint.

Happy 10th birthday Spitzer Space Telescope

26 Aug

Happy 10th birthday Spitzer Space Telescope.

5 portable computers for the college student

26 Aug

5 portable computers for the college student.

Steve Ballmer to step down within 12 months

23 Aug

Steve Ballmer to step down within 12 months.

Big Fish is laying of 79 employees

23 Aug


With changes in gaming trend and a shake up in management Seattle-based casual gaming company Big Fish is getting a little bit smaller. Wednesday, The Seattle-based company announced that they would be laying off 7% of their 700 employees worldwide, moving staff from Canada to the U.S.A and possibly closely one of their international offices.

Just as other companies, Big Fish has taken stock that the trends have been leaving toward free-to-play games and casino games. To play into these trends Big Fish will also been dropping their premium cloud service to concentrate on those areas of those areas of the company that will still turn a profit by catering to the new trends.

“Cloud delivery was a very expensive way to get our content to customers and required a pretty large scale of customer base to overcome the fixed costs of that delivery,” Paul Thelen, CEO of Big Fish, said.

Whether it is part of the trimming of employees or for some other reason Dave Stephenson, the president of Big Fish, will be stepping down and John Holland, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) will take over his role. The company hasn’t announced whether they will be looking to replace Mr. Stephenson at some future time.

Currently, all the games that Big Fish produces are translated into several languages. That translating has always been the responsibility of the office in Cork, Ireland. CEO Paul Thelen has decided that along with trimming down the games they offer at Big Fish the number of languages would also be trimmed to just Emglish, French, Spanish and Japanese. This reduction could make the Ireland office expendable enough that closing it will be the logical way to go.

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Google’s keep origanization app now has a reminder feature

22 Aug


In our everyday on-the-go lives having an easy way to keep track of our to-do list, memos, photos and thoughts is a must have. So, it was no surprise that yesterday the micro-blogging site twitter was all abuzz about the latest update to Google keep. With the new updated version of the app you can not only keep everything organized but it have your android device remind you by time or location.

One example of where the new reminder feature comes in handy is that if you are like many of us you make your grocery list only to get to the store and realize that you left it at home. With Google keep you can put your list on your android-based device and then set the reminder to go off the moment you enter the store. Another good example of when the new reminder feature will come in handy is if you are doing a story and take a picture on your mobile device. You still have a long day of running around to do and want to make sure you don’t forget about the photo. So, you set the reminder to go off when you pull into your driveway.

If you have one the past versions of the app on your android-based mobile device you will get the update sent to your device over the next few days. If you just bought your first android-based device or just never download Google keep before you can get it at Google Play for free.

Former KIRO reporter Jenni Hogan makes TV more social with new app

21 Aug


In today’s mobile society there are apps for just about everything. Up until now there has been one area missing from the selection of apps. That one area has now been filled by an app develop by Jenni Hogan; former traffic report for KIRO, media talent coordinator, YouTube star and now entrepreneur; when she saw a need for a way to bring social media to television news.

“I was sitting at my computer and my Twitter stream was going crazy with viewers reactions to the earthquake,” Ms. Hogan said. “At the time there was no way to quickly get those comments on TV. I felt powerless and I wanted to help.”

Ms. Hogan’s new company called Tvinteract have one goal in mind with this new app and that is to modernize television news by interlinking with today’s social media driven world. Her app will allow even the non-social savvy person search through social media sites, such as, twitter and stream the feed on live television through their connect mobile devices.

In an interview with Seattle-based technology blog Geekwire Ms. Hogan said, “The technology I’m creating will help empower talent in breaking news situations to stay on top of social media rather than chasing it.”

King 5 has already become one of the first news channels to use Ms. Hogan’s new app. Wednesday the local Seattle station used the app to stream twitter feeds on their Just Now news show.

We’re excited to experiment with this new technology that makes it easy for our anchors to quickly share social content with the audience viewing from home,” said Mark Briggs, Director of Digital Media at KING5. “TV stations everywhere are trying to solve the problem of connecting social media with the broadcast in a way that is authentic, timely and adds value to the content experience on all platforms.”

Last spring Ms.Hogan started Social7, an interactive news program, to show case the hottest trends and topics in social media. On the show she discussed the latest apps, how social media can benefit today’s businesses and conduct interviews of influential people in social media. She also has her own YouTube channel where she has a show called The Next Big Thing where she does interviews, talks about the latest apps and talks about social trends.


5 game apps to take to college

21 Aug


Going to school can be stressful. Listening to lectures, take test and quizzes and homework can make for one exhausting day. If you go on to college chances are you also work adding even more stress to your everyday life. The one nice thing is that at college you often have more freedom in your scheduling. This can give you some extra time between classes (or work) where you have time to just relax. For many students when they do have some free time the way they like to relax is by playing casual games on their smartphones or tablets. So, let’s take a look at some of the best ones to help us relax.

Sometimes nothing can be more relaxing then taking out zombies. Just in time for the new school year Seattle-based Popcap has come out with a sequel to their popular plants vs zombies game. In plants vs zombies to they added in the element of time travel where you can go back to ancient Egypt, to pirate world and the wild west. Along with new worlds there are new zombies that you will be battling including pirate zombies, Egyptian mummy zombies and chicken farmer zombies that attack with a barrage of chickens. Of course the name of the game has plants in it so you would expect that there would be some new plants to use for your battles. You would be right and some of those are Bong Choy, that does close range hand-to-hand combat; Lightning Reed, that shots lightning bolts and Chili Bean, a plant that when eaten causes a severe gas attack. Currently the game is only available for iPhones and iPads.

Playing a good game of golf can be a nice way to relax. Noodle Cake Studios’ super stickman golf 2 is a free app for iOS devices, android devices and the Kindle Fire. With this app you will be able to play 20 different courses by yourself or challenge your friends that also have the app. You can create various characters with special abilities based on the hat they wear. There are 10 characters and 28 hats that can be unlocked during the game. Moving obstacles, portals, magnets and more will also keep the game interesting every time you play.

Sometimes it is just nice to be able to kick back between classes and just play a good shot’em game. Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 will turn you into an elite soldier as you rescue world leaders from terrorist. To make the game even more interesting is that you can not only be one of the soldier but the villain as well. You can play it in multi-player mode for challenging your friends The app is available on iPads, iPhone, android devices and the Kindle Fire.

Angry Bird has been been one of the most popular mobile games since it was first released. Now, with Angry Birds friends you can play against your friends as you relax between classes or before you go to work. You will be competing in weekly tournaments to win the bronze, silver or gold trophies along with other prizes and best of all bragging rights. The app is free for iPads, iPhone, android device and for the Kindle Fire.

Candy Crush Saga by has been one of the more popular games on Facebook. So, what better game to take to school with you to play during your freetime. Just download the app for free on your android device and where ever you are you play the candy match puzzle game that can be frustrating at times. There are extras that you can pay for to help in concurring each level but the most fun is trying to figure out the right combinations without using any of those extras.