3 muist have apps to make your mobile device more disability friendly

2 Aug


Speech assist AAC is a wonderful app that can be downloaded for free on both your traditional Android-based devices and Amazon’s kindle Fire. The app gives children and adult that have difficulty communicating. The way the app works is you can click on one of several different categories listed on the right-hand side of the app. Each category contains several buttons with common phrases on them that the user can press to communicate. The size of the buttons, the phrases and text size can be edited to make it more customized for each user. You can also send your text to gmail, Google+ and your twitter accounts. One example of a phrase you will want to edit is “my name is __”. To do so you would simply go to change phrase from the start screen and press on the pencil icon. Then simply put your name in the phrase.


Big buttons keyboard deluxe is an app for your Android-based devices that is perfect for the visually impaired or those of us that would like bigger keys to make typing easier. When you first download the app you will need to choose the layout and language for your keyboard. The app will then project a large version of a qwerty keyboard, keypad and special characters. The app does also have support for text-to-speech even more convenience for those times when you are on the go and don’t have time to stop and type. There are also keyboard and font themes along with several other features that makes it easy for each user to customize it to their taste. The app does cost $2.99 and you must have a minimum of android 1.6.


Pdf to speech is a great app for your typical android-based device or Amazon’s Kindle Fire. This app can be a Godsend for anyone that is vision impaired, has a reading disability or just learning how to read. It is also a great time saver for anyone on the go that has a stackful of documents to read but is shot on time. The first couple of lines in the description states the beauty of this app rather well. “Make an increasing number of content sources Audible ! Pdf-to-Speech Pro uses text to speech to play your text documents and books.” The app can translate half a dozen different formats of text including pfd as stated in the title. You can also use the url-to-speech feature to have it read out webpages. Just like big button this app is $2.99 but there is no minimum on the android operating system.



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