It has been a rough couple of weeks for the Mariners

9 Aug


When the Seattle Mariners came back from the all-star break on July 19,2013, the second half of their started on a tragic note. Their manager Eric Wedge was hospitalized with dizzy spells brought on by unknown cause. The club was expecting it to only be a day or two while he recovered in the hospital.


With hopes running high for a quick return of their manager the Mariners kept their winning ways going under the fill-in manager Robby Thompson, usually the bench coach. After a few days of test it was revealed that the dizziness was the result of a mild stroke that Mr. Wedge had during the all-star break. The news devastated the ball-club and that started showing on the field.


After Mr. Wedge was released from the hospital he was order to stay at home and rest. This meant that he wouldn’t be going on the East Coast road trip with the team. The teams morale was running low at the news and it showed on the field with erratic play. The Mariners playing and a few bad calls lead to a 4 game losing streak before the team rallied to win the final 2 games on the road trip.


The team arrived back in Seattle on the 5th of this month to the news that Mr. Wedge was still on bed rest and wouldn’t be joining the team on the home stand. The team woes continued as errors, lack of hitting, bad pitching and a few bad calls equaled losing the first 2 games against Toronto. A visit from Mr. Wedge did give the team a much need boost and they were able to eke out a win in the final game of the series against the Blue Jays.


Today, the team has the day off before the Brewers come into town for a 3 game series. Mr. Wedge will remain on home rest for the rest of this home stand and probably the 9-game road trip that will take the Mainers to Florida, Texas and California.


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