BlackBerry is taking about taking Research in Motion private

12 Aug


In February of this year Micheal Dell came to the conclusion that in order to bring the company that he start 29 years ago back to prominence was to take it private. Now, six month later the Canadian smartphone company Research in Motion, maker of BlackBerry, has come to the same conclusion. Where Dell Inc has two competing factions, Micheal Dell and Carl Icahn, trying to buy the company RIM has so far not been able to find a buyer.

In 2003 Research in Motion released the BlackBerry model RIM850. The smartphone caught on among celebrates and soon be the smartphone to have. Within a few years it became so popular that they were known as crackberries. The BlackBerry was at the height of its popularity in 2008 when when a virtual unknown candidate for the United States Presidency, Barak Obama, was constantly seen with his BlackBerry in hand.

In the 5 years since they at the top of the heap BlackBerry has seen a major decline when Apple knocked then off the perch with the iPhone 3S. Then the they fell even more when android-based smartphones pass them up. The company dropped even further when they tried to compete in the growing tablet market with the playbook. The tablet failed to be a good seller and soon went into the bargain bind where they still failed to sell. In mid 2011 Redmond-based Microsoft made a significant investment in the Canadian company. That investment didn’t help and they keep on their downward spiral.

Earlier this year Research in Motion came out with their BlackBerry 10 operation system for their newest smartphones. The hopes where high in the company that this latest version of their flagship product would turn their luck around and once again make them a force in the mobile market. That turn around hasn’t materialized to the point where Chief Executive Thorsten Heins and the board of directors think that going private is the only way to save the struggling company.

“There is a change of tone on the board,” one of the sources said on Thursday.

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