Springpad hires Jacqueline Hampton as their new CEO

13 Aug


Spring Partners, Inc has hired a new CEO to over sea their multi-platform personal assistant app Springpad. Jacqueline Hampton has been hired to bring her 20 years of business and technology experience to oversee the app that 3.5 million use to organize all of their content into one notebook. Most recently Ms. Hampton was a Vice President at Time, Inc. In the following paragraph we will find out more about the new CEO.

According to her LinkedIn profile Ms. Hampton graduated from Duke University with an AB (artium baccalaureus) degree before going on to the University of Virginia’s Darden Graduate School of Business Administration where she earned a Master in Business Administration. Last year Ms. Hampton went back to school where she graduated with a certificate in Culinary Arts from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.

After graduation Ms. Hampton set out into the career world with a position as a Business System Analysis with American Management Systems in Arlington, VA where she was employed from 1993-1996. After leave there it was on to Merrill Lynch where she worked in media invest banking from 1998-2000. Then in was on to Citi Corporation where she held the position of Director of media investment banking for the next 5 years. From there she joined Time, Inc. where over the course of the next 6 years she was an Executive Director and then a Vice President of Corporate Development.

Ms. Hampton is taking over for co-founder and previous CEO Jeff Chow. Mr. Chow isn’t leaving the company but simply taking a step down so that he can focus on company strategy.

“I’ve developed a really strong, complementary relationship with Jeff,” she said. “He has a great skillset on the product side — with what’s going in the world of personal assistant apps, this isn’t a world where we want to rest. I complement him a highly extroverted personality and a focus on getting the brand out there.”

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