Microsoft to release Windows 8.1 in Octomber

15 Aug


A spokesperson for Redmond-based Microsoft announced the release date for Windows 8.1, the highly anticipated update to their Windows 8 operating system. Today, Senior Marketing Communications Manager, Brandon Leblanc posted that at 4:00 am (PT) on October 17, 2013 the Windows update will be available for free download from the online Windows store. For those that need the disc version will have to wait one more day for it to appear on the store selves.

Before Windows 8 even came out there were many complaints about the operating system. Many Windows users weren’t happy with how much different the user interface was from previous versions and the learn curve for figuring out how to use the operating system. It was no surprise that when the operating system finally entered the market on October 26, 2012 that it was one of the slower sellers among the Windows family. It wasn’t long after that the rumors about Microsoft working on a major update started popping

In mid April of this year were the first leaks of Microsoft’s update code named “Window blue”. The big news on this update is that it would bring back the start button that was eliminated on Windows 8. It wasn’t much after that when the folks at Microsoft admitted that yes they have been working on update that would be officially known as Windows 8.1. Slowly, we start seeing little sneak peaks at what this new update would look like and the new changes it would bring. It was on June 6, 2013 the Redmond-based company finally released a beta version for the bolder users to download, play with and send in reports on what needed to be fixed.

Windows 8.1 will indeed bring back the start button as many people were hoping. Some of the other changes are two new tile sizes giving users four sizes to choose from on their start menu, more themes, more apps, better search functions and a new browser. With two months to go before the big release it will be interesting to see if there are to be more changes.

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