The Washington Post and other news sites suffered hack attacks

15 Aug


CNN, Times and The Washington Post websites where all hacked this morning by a group that has ties to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A politically active group that calls themselves the Syrian Electronic Army has been credited with taking down all three news sites for a short period of time this morning. Shortly after the hacking incident was discovered the Content Discovery Group Outbrain that provides analytical software to all three news site was quick to make a statement about the problem.

“We are working diligently to investigate the cause and the measures to prevent this in the future,” said Yaron Galai, CEO of Outbrain, in a letter to publishers. “Once we feel that the service is stable, we will bring back the service again.”

The Syrian Electronic Army has a history of hacking into news sites, social networks and committing phishing scams. Part of the list of the other accomplishments have been a phishing attack against some reporters of the Washington Post, hacking into The New York Post’s Facebook page and twitter account. The group took credit for taking down The New York Times on Wednesday but that was more likely due to a maintenance shutdown.

“Their reported goal is to bring attention to events that are happening in Syria. To that end I think they’ve been largely successful,” said Scott Hazdra, principal security consultant for the Neohapsis security firm.

Little is known about the group or what their motives other than bring attention these events. According to Mr. Hazdra they are most likely a small group of college aged kids that are constantly on the move to make it harder to track them. So far there has been no arrest made of anyone attacked to the group.

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