5 tablets to take back to school

16 Aug


Pencils, paper, calculators and rulers. For decades those have been some of the traditional supplies we bought our children when they go back to school. In our always expanding technical world there is one more item that we should add to that must have list for school. With more and more classes in school requiring Internet access and books and articles that are online only a tablet computer is a must have in the classroom.

Tablets can be one of the most beneficial tools in your students backpack. They be loaded with apps to handle any classroom assignment, hold games for that you play after a stressful day to relax. You can watch movies, television shows and your favorite videos. They can be great time savers when you need that article, book or website quick for class.

The Apple iPad 4 remains the most popular tablet. At 9.7 inches it can fit most carrying cases making easy to take along to all of your classes. The retina display gives you great graphic or viewing pictures and for all of your reading needs. It still has the biggest selection of apps so you not only have access to all the apps you need to do your classwork but you can also get the most popular casual games to relax and play after a stressful school day. All of the major carriers have service plans for the iPad meaning that no matter which of the service provider you use you can get blazing fast Internet access anywhere you go. It has a 10 battery life to give you plenty of time for your busy day and still have time left for that after-school movie.

The Google Nexus 10 is just over 10 inches making it slightly bigger than the iPad but still small enough to fit in most carrying cases. It might not have the retina display but at 2560×1600 it is close and still give you great graphics for all your viewing and reading needs. It runs android 4.2 (jelly bean) that also offer thousands of apps to suit all of your needs. The lithium battery in the Nexus 10 also has a long life for your ever day needs. The tablet has bluetooth and NFC (near field communication) capabilities that comes in handy when want to add a keyboard or don’t have your wallet when you are shopping. At $399 the Nexus 10 is also $50 dollars less than the iPad.

The Barnes & Noble HD+ is 9 inches making it smaller than the iPad making it able to fit in even portable than either the iPad or Nexus 10. At 1920×1280 the graphics aren’t as rich but still very good for all your needs. The tablet comes running android 4.0.3 which still gives you access to thousands of apps. Since Barnes & Noble is the world’s largest book store the Nook has access to a huge library of books and periodicals. With 32 GB of internal storage and SD card expansion you have plenty of storage. At $149 the Nook is much less then other tablets its size. The problem is that the reason the price is so low is that the Nook is being phased out as a Barnes & Noble product but will be take over by third party manufacturers.

The Kindle Fire HD 8.9 as the name implies is 8.9 inches making it highly portable. The resolution on it is close to the same as that of the Nook at 1920×1200, Since Amazon started out as an online book store it also has a large library that can be access directly from the device. The Kindle Fire family also run android 4.0.3 but is a modified version mean you need to go to Amazon’s app store and don’t have as big of a selection as you would if it was an unmodified version of android. All the books, apps and videos will be saved to the cloud when you download them from the Kindle store. When you first register your Kindle Fire you get a free month of Amazon’s Prime network that gives you free movies and television show streaming plus there are many books that Prime members have free access to for an unlimited borrowing period.

The Microsoft Surface Pro is the biggest at 10.6 inches but still highly portable for the on the go student. The graphical resolution is only 1920×1080 which is lower than the other but still a full HD. It runs a full version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, with the Windows 8.1 upgrade coming in October, giving you access to many fine apps, including Microsoft’s office suite, through the Microsoft store.


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