Former KIRO reporter Jenni Hogan makes TV more social with new app

21 Aug


In today’s mobile society there are apps for just about everything. Up until now there has been one area missing from the selection of apps. That one area has now been filled by an app develop by Jenni Hogan; former traffic report for KIRO, media talent coordinator, YouTube star and now entrepreneur; when she saw a need for a way to bring social media to television news.

“I was sitting at my computer and my Twitter stream was going crazy with viewers reactions to the earthquake,” Ms. Hogan said. “At the time there was no way to quickly get those comments on TV. I felt powerless and I wanted to help.”

Ms. Hogan’s new company called Tvinteract have one goal in mind with this new app and that is to modernize television news by interlinking with today’s social media driven world. Her app will allow even the non-social savvy person search through social media sites, such as, twitter and stream the feed on live television through their connect mobile devices.

In an interview with Seattle-based technology blog Geekwire Ms. Hogan said, “The technology I’m creating will help empower talent in breaking news situations to stay on top of social media rather than chasing it.”

King 5 has already become one of the first news channels to use Ms. Hogan’s new app. Wednesday the local Seattle station used the app to stream twitter feeds on their Just Now news show.

We’re excited to experiment with this new technology that makes it easy for our anchors to quickly share social content with the audience viewing from home,” said Mark Briggs, Director of Digital Media at KING5. “TV stations everywhere are trying to solve the problem of connecting social media with the broadcast in a way that is authentic, timely and adds value to the content experience on all platforms.”

Last spring Ms.Hogan started Social7, an interactive news program, to show case the hottest trends and topics in social media. On the show she discussed the latest apps, how social media can benefit today’s businesses and conduct interviews of influential people in social media. She also has her own YouTube channel where she has a show called The Next Big Thing where she does interviews, talks about the latest apps and talks about social trends.



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