Google’s keep origanization app now has a reminder feature

22 Aug


In our everyday on-the-go lives having an easy way to keep track of our to-do list, memos, photos and thoughts is a must have. So, it was no surprise that yesterday the micro-blogging site twitter was all abuzz about the latest update to Google keep. With the new updated version of the app you can not only keep everything organized but it have your android device remind you by time or location.

One example of where the new reminder feature comes in handy is that if you are like many of us you make your grocery list only to get to the store and realize that you left it at home. With Google keep you can put your list on your android-based device and then set the reminder to go off the moment you enter the store. Another good example of when the new reminder feature will come in handy is if you are doing a story and take a picture on your mobile device. You still have a long day of running around to do and want to make sure you don’t forget about the photo. So, you set the reminder to go off when you pull into your driveway.

If you have one the past versions of the app on your android-based mobile device you will get the update sent to your device over the next few days. If you just bought your first android-based device or just never download Google keep before you can get it at Google Play for free.


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