Big Fish is laying of 79 employees

23 Aug


With changes in gaming trend and a shake up in management Seattle-based casual gaming company Big Fish is getting a little bit smaller. Wednesday, The Seattle-based company announced that they would be laying off 7% of their 700 employees worldwide, moving staff from Canada to the U.S.A and possibly closely one of their international offices.

Just as other companies, Big Fish has taken stock that the trends have been leaving toward free-to-play games and casino games. To play into these trends Big Fish will also been dropping their premium cloud service to concentrate on those areas of those areas of the company that will still turn a profit by catering to the new trends.

“Cloud delivery was a very expensive way to get our content to customers and required a pretty large scale of customer base to overcome the fixed costs of that delivery,” Paul Thelen, CEO of Big Fish, said.

Whether it is part of the trimming of employees or for some other reason Dave Stephenson, the president of Big Fish, will be stepping down and John Holland, the COO (Chief Operating Officer) will take over his role. The company hasn’t announced whether they will be looking to replace Mr. Stephenson at some future time.

Currently, all the games that Big Fish produces are translated into several languages. That translating has always been the responsibility of the office in Cork, Ireland. CEO Paul Thelen has decided that along with trimming down the games they offer at Big Fish the number of languages would also be trimmed to just Emglish, French, Spanish and Japanese. This reduction could make the Ireland office expendable enough that closing it will be the logical way to go.

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