Review: Dark Biology

15 Oct


Dark Biology by Bonnie Doran is a romantic, suspenseful and out this world science fiction novel that will keep the reader well engaged from beginning to end. In its page you will follow the adventures of the Hildebrant family from rival siblings Hilde and Chet as they try to one up each other in their work for the CDC to their parents Worth and Laura as they tour the country giving lectures. Just like a dramatic cliffhanger each chapter takes you right to the edge and compels you to read the next chapter to find out what will happen next. It is long before the first breath taking events happens when one of Hilde’s co-workers has a problem with her protective gear. The problem is soon rectified and the co-worker is fine. That is only a small taste of the thrills that are to come later.

Ms. Doran gives us a fine supporting cast of characters that most of can identify with as people that we have meet in our lives. There is Dan , a born leader that is always ready and will to face new challenges with one exception of making a long-term emotional commitment to the woman he loves. There is Larry, the commander that is willing to put to sacrifice himself for those under his command. Jasper, the person that is always making jokes and finding the bright spot in any situation no matter how bleak. Frank, the person that always tries to prove himself but things don’t always go as planned.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that loves science fiction and/or suspense. The people fitting into either of these categories will be captivated with all the action that takes us from the lab of the CDC to the international space station.



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