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Review: Deadly Provocation

2 Feb


Deadly Provocation by T.F. Coleman is a action packed, adrenaline pumping fictional account of events that could be ripped from today’s headlines. The author catches your attention quickly as our protagonist, Jake Conley, prevents a mass shooting at a theater much like one that took place a year and a half ago. Once you are gripped by the opening events you will be sucked into a world of corruption, technology, politics, greed and paranoia as you are recruited, along with Mr. Conley, into a mysterious company called DSCC. As you read on into the book you will find yourself absorbed and wondering just how much of these event can and have happened. As the book comes to climax you will find your heart racing until you get to the thrilling conclusion.


Much in the same way George Orwell did with the book 1984, Mr. Coleman does a great job of mixing real and fictional account to get the reader to think about the consequences of a society where those with power are allowed to run rampant. In Deadly Provocation these questions arise from a privately held company DSCC that use the latest technology and pull with government agencies to go beyond the limits of surveillance to the point of controlling the action of individuals. The biggest of these questions is one that is currently being debated on the use of drones.


I would highly recommend this book for anyone that enjoy a good thought provoking read that has plenty of action.