Reveiw: Creedor by Gail Morgan McRae

11 Apr

With wizards, an epidemic, a political coup and mysterious invaders Creedor by Gail Morgan McRae is a science fiction fantasy that has something for everyone. This first book in his reglon empire series start out with a bang, or more literally a pop, as we are introduced to Rax the subspace rider. From that start the book moves quickly as we meet the movers and shakers of the empire. Soon we get involved in a plot to seize control of the empire that involves murder, a struggle and unlawful imprisonment. Then the table is set as we are brought into the inter-workings of the new regime. With stage set we meet our man of destiny that will reluctantly play a big role in saving the empire. You will quickly be glue to the book as you follow Simon Slogar as he leaves the confines on his home further the accumulation of knowledge that will put him on the path to his destiny. Soon you will be on a roller-coaster ride as you travel with him on high and lows.
One thing that Mr. McRae does well in his book is that he gives story direction while still leaving you with that cliffhanging ending that makes you anticipate the next book in the series. Unfortunately, that is also the one bad thing is that it that the author is going in too many direction and tie-in can get lost that can turn off some readers.
While the format of the e-book version looked fine on my Kindle Fire it look much more professional when an reader app on my laptop.
Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of fiction, fantasy or just a good adventure.


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