Review: Fear No Numbers

21 Apr

Fear no numbers by Jose Paul Moretto is a quick read that can be of benefit to both math students and teachers. Although the book is short, only 33 pages or 48 if you include the preface and introduction, you will find yourself going over and over the pages to gleam all the knowledge contained within.

While Mr. Moretto’s book may not hold the cure to all math phobias, the information held within its pages will relieve many anxieties. The main focus, of this helpful book, are the two theorem known as the proof of 9 system and the maXima system that can be used to check the answer of any multiplication or division problem. Some of the other information that can be gleamed out of this magnificent book includes a magical property of 9 that was first discovered by the ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras.

The best thing Mr. Moretto does in his book is that after explaining these theorem he gives you problems so that you may apply what you have learned. By the time you do the practice problem you should easily use the maXima system to quickly check any multiplication or division answers.

I would recommend this book not only for those currently in school or teaching math but to everyone that uses math in their daily lives.


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