Amazon gets set to release original Children’s programming

17 May

Once again Seattle-based Amazon is out to show that they are they kid-friendly technology company. First, it was FreeTime Unlimited to let you make accounts for your children on Kindle Fire. Then, it was making a deal with Viacom to air some of there popular kids shows. Now, in the latest chapter they are getting set to release tree original programs to keep your children entertained. These programs will be introduced at the rate of one a month with the first one coming out in a little over a week.
“Amazon Studios is thrilled to bring its first original children’s series to kids and their families this summer. We’re working with some of the most renowned creators in the business to introduce programming that promotes life-long learning through play,” said Tara Sorensen, Head of Kids Programming at Amazon Studios, in a press release. “The kids programming team and series creators have had so much fun developing these new series. We can’t wait to share it with kids and their families across the country and see the learning experiences it fosters.”
The first so these programs is Tumble Leaf and is set for release on May 25, 2014. The show follows the adventures of a fox named Fig and his pal Stick as they as they make new discoveries with help from some of their friends. In the pilot episode, that first aired over a year ago, Fig and Stick find a kite but have no idea why they can’t get it to fly high in the air. They set out to figure out the solution and with some help from those that meet they finally figure it out.
Creative Galaxy is the second of the programs set to be released on June 27,2014. The program comes from the creative minds behind the popular kids show Blue’s clues and teaches little ones about the wonderful world of art. In the show Arty and Epiphany will show children how to your their imagination to create their own works of art. In the original pilot episode Arty and Epiphany show us how to make bugs with pom-poms, pipe cleaners and buttons. They also teach us about pointillism as they decorate Arty’s mom library.
Annedroids is the third of the programs and is set for a July 25,2014 release. While the first two programs are targeted at preschool aged children, this show is targeted for the slight older child. In it Anne, her android assistants and human friends will show your budding young scientist the wonders that the world of science holds for them. In the pilot episode we are introduced to genius/scientist Anne and her assistants Pal, hand, piggy and eyes.
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