Microsoft rumored to have to smartphones on the way

30 Jul

Earlier this month Redmond-based Microsoft’s Nokia division released their Lumia 635 smartphone. While it was touted as a great low-end smartphone there was one big criticism about it not having a front-facing camera for ‘selfies’. That flaw will not be repeated in the phone that Microsoft Executive Steven Elop has dubbed the “selfie phone”.

The Verge first reported on the smartphone codename “superman” back in April. There still isn’t much know about the smartphone other then it will come with a 5MP (megapixel) front-facing camera for video chatting and taking all of those ‘selfies’. The only other things that are know about the “selfie phone” are that it will have a large 4.7-inch display, running Windows 8.1, have the snapdragon 400 processor and an 8MP rear-facing camera. It has also been confirmed by wmpoweruser that this smartphone will be the successor to the Lumia 720.

According to an article this morning by the Verge the “selfie phone” is not the only smartphone the Redmond-based giant has planned for the summer. They will also have a more high-end offer that is codenamed ‘tesla’. The telsa smartphone will feature Nokia’s high-resolution PureView camera. Not much else is known about what we can expect from the ‘tesla’. There have been some leaks of the Lumia 830 that could very well be the ‘tesla’. If the the ‘tesla’ is the Lumia it appears to have a 4.5-inch screen.

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