erroneous tweet causes panic

12 Aug

Ebola has been big news lately with the outbreak in Africa, two quarantined care givers being flown to the United States and one case reported tn the Mideast. So, it was no surprise that when an errant tweet, from the official account of Yahoo News, mentioned a outbreak, in Georgia, affecting 135 was re-tweeted by over 100 followers. Yahoo News quickly came out with a tweet letting their followers know that reports of any outbreak were false and unauthorized.
Yahoo News        ✔ @YahooNews
Earlier, an unauthorized tweet with misinformation on Ebola was sent from this account; please disregard that tweet.
1:59 PM – 10 Aug 2014
Quite a few media sites reported that the erroneous tweet was made by hackers. There were no follow ups or malicious links that would normally associate with a hacking attack. No groups of individuals have taken credit for breaking into Yahoo’s account. Yahoo has not acknowledged any detection of a hack. Yahoo has said that they are working with tweet to investigate any possible security leaks.
It would appear from the way Yahoo worded their correction that it was a case of someone with in the company not going through channels. If this is the case it would seem that policies inside Yahoo News need to be looked at so there are not any more erroneous tweets.
The two American missionaries that have been flown back to the United States are under strict quarantine at Emory University Hospital. Authorities down there have assured the public that they are taking every precaution that the virus is well confined.
“We will continue to cooperate and collaborate with [public health officials] and adhere strictly to their guidelines in the return of our missionaries to the United States,” SIM USA president Bruce Johnson said.
Ebola has no know cure and has been linked to almost 700 hundred deaths on the African continent. Making it understandable why there was such a big panic when the erroneous tweet appeared on Sunday.


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