Review: Beyond the softness of his fur 2

18 Aug

Beyond the Softness of His Fur 2 is the second installment of Tammy Jo Eckhart’s exciting futuristic erotic trilogy. As we read along we get pulled deeper in to the into this future world where dominate/submissive relationships have become an executive perk. As you travel through that world you will experience a wide range of emotions from sympathy for Wynn when he experiences jealousy when he realizes he must now share his Mistress to the fear that Ms Potter feels at the new revelations of how much more complex her life has become in corporate world that she has joined. You might want to keep your box of tissue close at hand when Wynn and Ms Potter must endure the company’s “showing & sharing” where morphs interact with other morph and humans in rituals that make Emily first question herself if the benefits of this lifestyle out weigh the things her and Wynn must endure.
Ms Eckhart’s book does go much deeper than all of the sexual overtones. For example, even though the setting of the book takes place in the future there are many issues that come up that we deal with in our world today. One such issue is when Emily first finds that the corporation she works for is keeping an eye on parts of her life that she thinks should be left private. It congers up images of the recent issue of businesses wanting their employees to give them access to all of our social networks and the NSA debacle.
Ms Eckhart does a great job of developing characters but letting them continue to grow as story goes on. A great example is one of the main characters Wynn and how he has gone from the timid fox-morph that Emily first met at the institute to the complex role of domestic servant, confidant and sexual playmate that he becoming. A good example of a new character is Emily’s new first assistant that not only is willing to submit to Emily’s needs but also makes sure that she is prepared for what the day of work has in store.
Given all of the erotic sexual parts of this book it is for mature readers only. Even with a more mature crowd the subject of a dominate/submissive relationship might not be something you like so this would not be for you. If you are comfortable with the subject, curious or it just does not bother you then this book is for you.


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