John Vechey to leave PopCap

6 Sep

Today Seattle-based Popcap will see the end of an era as the last of its co-founding member and current CEO John Vechey announced that he will be leaving the company. Mr. Vechey was made the CEO earlier this year when CEO Dave Roberts retired after holding the position for 8 years.

When I founded PopCap my biggest goals were to have a good time and to make great games. PopCap’s vision has always been to make people happy through games, and I believe we are achieving that every day. Today, I am proud of this company we have built together. Proud of the games we make and proud to have worked with all of you. I will miss you greatly.” Mr. Vechey said in his letter of resignation.

Since co-founding, along with Jason Kapalka and Brian Fiete, the Seattle-based casual gaming company has seen tremendous growth with games, such as, Bejeweled and Plants vs Zombies. In 2011 that growth attracted the attention of gaming giant Electronic Arts when they purchased the company for $1.3 billion dollars. After the sale of his company Mr. Vechey stayed on to oversee Popcap.

John leaves PopCap in deeply capable hands. The PopCap mobile studio will continue to be led by Steve Mauri, Cara Ely and Jon David, and the teams are already pushing forward into exciting directions.  We have games in the pipeline including an all-new Peggle, new concepts coming through rapid development at PopLabs, and global opportunities for PopCap brands like PvZ.  PopCap continues to be a core studio in EA’s mobile efforts, and I know our players will be thrilled with what’s to come from this talented group,” said EA president Frank Gibeau.

It has not been announced if there will be one general manager picked to take over the day-to-day operation or the triumvirate.

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