Review-Killer Ambition

26 Sep

Killer Ambition by Marcia Clark is the third exciting installment of her legal thriller series feature special trails prosecutor Rachel Knight. The book starts quick as we are engaged as Ms. Knight and her partner detective Bailey Keller take us with them as they investigate the kidnapping of the daughter of a big Hollywood producer. With each page we get deeper involved in the working of the investigative process. All of the twist and turns of the investigation keeps us glue to this gripping page turner that takes us on a cross-country journey every lead to track down the suspects. Once the investigation is over we are taken on another journey as we are once more engaged in an face-paced trail.

Anyone that is a fan of any of the Law & Order television series will will feel familiar with the way this book is structured. That is where the similarities end those as both police & lawyers work together in a special trails unit that carries them from the beginning of the investigation to the end of the trial. The melding of the two agencies give the Rachel Knight series a unique feel that will satisfy a wide variety of readers.

Ms. Clark’ book is full of richly developed characters . There are our two main characters of assistant district attorney Rachel Knight and detective Bailey Keller that make one of the best crime fighting teams in literature. Characters like Dorian Struck the sassy criminalist that is the best in her field and plays a predominate roll in the investigation. Then there are characters that play a smaller roles like Ms. Knight’s co-worker and best friend Toni LaCollier that always there with helpful advise.

I would recommend this books for anyone that loves crime thrillers, mysteries or legal thrillers.


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