Review: Beyond the softness of his fur part 3

The third and final of TammyJo Eckhart’s Beyond the Softness of His Fur series is even better than the previous two. In this last installment of the series you will want to take your time and savor every word. Once again we are captivated by the attention craving Fox morph Wynn. This time Wynn amazes us with the way that he blossoms by overcoming his jealousy, his eagerness to learn and re-awaken abilities that are discouraged in most morphs. You will further into the book as you follow the growing relationship between Emily, Lindsey and Wynn as they grow into a caring family. There also plenty of other situations in this book that will keep your eyes glued to the pages.

Once again Ms. Eckhart does a great job of giving voices to Emily, Lindsey and Wynn giving us a better understanding of how each of them view the various situations they face on a daily basis. A good example is how the three of all have a differing view when it is Lindsey that into all the details like the color scheme, Emily is more focused on the wedding overall and Wynn isn’t quite sure what they are discussing but it is cutting into his time with his Mistress.

I would recommend this book not just to those that enjoy erotica or romance but also to those like self help books on building better relationships, in or entering into a management role. There is something for the person that falls into any of those categories.

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