Review: Cataclysm

It is not often that a book will make you say “Wow! I didn’t expect”. Karice Bolton’s Cataclysm is such a book. Cataclysm is the aptly named conclusion to Ms. Bolton’s supernatural adventure Watcher’s trilogy. In the book we continue to follow fallen angels/white demons Ana, Athen, Arie and Cyril as prepare to lead their fellow white demon into the climatic battle against Azazel and his army of dark demons. From the very start of the book you be hooked as there is a seamless transition from the end of the previous book Legions. There is plenty of action that keeps your attention as our heroic group uncover and attempt to thwart Azazel’s plan of building up hs army while raising their own forces.

As always Ms. Bolton adds a cast of rich vibrant characters to an ever-growing cast. One of these new characters is Noah, a white demon that lost his soul-mate to the forces of darkness, who proves himself as a valuable to the group with his skills at intelligence gathering. Returning is the evil seductress Lilith who we first meet in the Awakening in one of Ana’s vision. Topping off this cast is our heroine Ana the eternal optimist that finds the power to make her visions come true.

One of my favorite scenes is when Ana first discovers the way that the dark demons are building their army by turning humans. At first she is shocked and horrified at the sight she is witnessing. She later realize though that with the help of the other white demons they can use this to their advantage.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has read the other two books, likes romance, adventure, supernatural or believes in the existence of angels & demons.

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