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bad weather tailgating guide for CenturyLink Field

27 Nov

In Washington State we have a saying “if you don’t like the weather just wait 5 minute and it will change”. During the Fall and Winter months that say can be very literal with conditions going from sunny to snowy in the blink of an eye. You might wake up to a clear sky, get soaking wet walking to your car 5 minutes later and have your windows covered in snow a block down the road. By the time you final arrive at Century-Link Field the weather has gone through three more changes making you reconsider your tailgating plans. Luckily there are a few precaution that you can take that will let you keep your tailgating plans in our ever-changing weather.

Check and get constant updates of the days forecast

Before you leave to go to Century-Link for tailgating you should check the forecast. You should also get updates to the forecast because you can not count on that forecast to stay the same from the time you leave to the time you get to the stadium.

Dress for all possibilities

You will be outdoors tailgating for 1 to 2 hours so you should be prepared for a few changes in the weather. It is always a good idea to have an extra layer of clothes, preferably in Seahawks colors, that you can put on if/when the weather turns bad. A good thick jacket, preferably waterproof, is always a good idea to have within reach. If it is late in the regular season, or the playoffs, a pair of gloves, some hand warmers and foot warmers might be something you consider putting in your gloebox.

Keep cover

No one wants to get caught in a downpour unprepared. Umbrellas, awnings or some other type of portable cover should be part of your tailgating supplies. Remember though that any type of portable shelter that bring should be well ventilated. If you don’t have any type of good portable shelter than you might want to make contingency plans where you can go inside if needed.

Food and beverages

This might think that what food and beverage you take does not matter but think again. If the weather is cold, wet and windy you might not want to send too much time out in the elements preparing your food so bring something that can be cooked quick or prepared ahead of time could be a good idea. If it is nasty weather than you might want to forgo the soda, ice tea and water for thermoses of cocoa, coffee and apple cider. In cold weather it is even more important to keep hydrated so be sure you have plenty of liquids along.

Emergency kit and other equipment

Now that you have prepared yourself it is time to think about your vehicle. The Seattle area is notorious for black-ice so having cat litter, sand of some other form of de-icer that you sprinkle around your vehicle is a must have. Seattle does not get too much snow but if there is a chance of snow in the forecast you might want to pack a snow shovel. An ice-scraper is always a handy item to keep in your glove box. The final item you should always keep handy that many people don’t think about is some form of a spray de-icer that you can use on your door-handles if they get iced up after the game on a cold night.


Review: Magic Breaks

23 Nov

Magic Breaks once again shows that the husband and wife writing team known as Ilona Andrews are tops in the urban fantasy genre. Once again we travel to the post shift city of Atlanta where magic and technology collide. Once there we are in the world of Kate Daniels where shapeshifters, necromancers, mythical beings and magic users of all kinds are real. From the moment you land in this world you are captivated as we accompany Kate on the latest mission for her detective agency. We are kept involved as Kate battles an old foe, tries to solve a murder all while trying to save the city from the ultimate threat her own father.

In this book we are re-acquainted some of our favorite characters in Curran Lennart aka the beast Lord, the leader of the shapeshifters; former mercenary, liaison for the order and now Curran’s mate; Andrea Nash, Kate’s best friend, former knight of the order and now Alpha of the Bouda clan at the keep. In this book we finally meet the ultimate villain and person that Kate has been preparing her whole life to battle, her father Roland.

Gordon and Ilona Andrews do an excellent job of keeping us on the edge of our seats with plot twist and added complication. Just when we think we know how one situation will end and we can let out our breath something else into the mix to once again cause us to take a deep breath and hold it again. One good example is when Curran, the beast lord, arrives to rescue Kate from the prison where she has been transported. Just when we think they are safe an will make it out new challenge arrive to hinder their escape.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone that has read the previous books in the series, likes adventure, the supernatural, mythology or just a good read that will whisk you away in hours of enjoyment.

Where did Thanksgiving gets its start?

22 Nov

Over the years the meaning of Thanksgiving has for the most part been long forgotten. It has become known mostly as day we over eat, watch football and hit the store to start our Christmas shopping. Even those of us that are familiar with the story of the pilgrims the landed at Plymouth Rock have very little idea of the actual meaning behind the celebration.

Even though we associate both Easter and Christmas with religion it is Thanksgiving can traces its beginnings back to the Old Testament. After the Exodus from Egypt there was a set of rules dealing with food and among those where a number of feasts. Among those feasts was the feast of the Tabernacles that is to be celebrated in the month of Tishri, which in our calender is right around October, to give thanks for the harvest that has been provided and their 40 years of survival in the wilderness. Whether or not this was the what the Pilgrims had in mind when they invited the local Indians for their Thanksgiving could be of debate. What can not be denied though is there is a strong parallel between the two feasts since they were both around harvest time and giving thanks to their survival and bountiful harvest.

review: top secret twenty-one

7 Nov

Top Secret Twenty-One by Janet Evanivich is the 25th book starring inept bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. As always there is plenty going on to keep the reader’s eyes glued to the pages as they find themselves roaming the streets of New Jersey. You will find yourself walking into the bail bonds office with Stephanie as she picks up her latest FTA (failure to appear) paperwork, riding with her and Lula, tagging along on a date with here sometimes boyfriend or many of the other adventures that are the world of Stephanie Plum.

If things weren’t bad enough in Stephanie’s everyday life of getting stunned, explosions, she finds that vodka can kill and helping out a friend can be dangerous. The friend is old acquaintance Randy Briggs who Stephanie takes in after his apartment is blown up. The vodka comes in as Stephanie helps Ranger track down the man threatening his life and everyone around him. You will find it hard to put the book down as you follow Stephanie as she juggles all this along with finding time for a somewhat normal life.

Along with Stephanie Plum, Ms. Evanovich brings back our usual cast of characters. There is Lula, the former ho’ turned file clerk and Stephanie’s part-time assistant bounty hunter; Ranger, former special forces, security and surveillance expert; Joe Morelli, Stephanie’s on-and-off boyfriend and Trenton cop; granny Mauzer and others.

I would recommend this book for anyone that has enjoyed the rest of the series, people like bounty hunter or police chases or just a good comedy/adventure book. If you fit into any of those categories then you will find this book well worth your time and money.