5 best grills for tailgating

16 Dec

No one is quite sure who was the first person to start the tradition of tailgating at sporting events, probably a parent rushing their child off to their game. Since that time it has become a big part of the total sporting experience. Getting to the game early having burger, hot dog, steak or your favorite pre-game food and sharing it with friends, family or just other fans. It has become so much of a part of the sporting event just about every venue has rules about tailgating and sponsors their own tailgating parties. CenturyLink is no exception with several rules for all Seahawks fans to follow when they throw their tailgating parties before the game.

One of those rules is that you can not use a charcoal grill in the stadium parking-lot. For some tailgating purest, that use charcoal grills, they might not like the rule much. Since their love of sports and tailgating out-weighs their love of charcoal grill they are willing to stand by the rule. The question is what propane/natural gas grill to buy for taking to the Seahawks games. The following is a list of 5 of the best grills for under 200 hundred dollars and big enough to meet your tailgating needs:

  • The Blacktop 360 HFI premium party hub grill/fryer isn’t your average port grill. With the different cooking surfaces and a warming plate it gives you the capability to please everyone in the group. Its circular 452-square inch surface provides you a grill, a griddle, warmer and a deep fat fryer that can also double as sauce pot. The Blacktop 360 also comes with a cutting board that attaches to it for a convenient preparation surface.
  • The Coleman RoadTrip LXX is one of the all time classics portable grills for all occasions. The 285-square inch cooking surface gives you plenty of cooking area for making all of your tailgating favorites. It has to separate burners that can come in handy if you need to prepare foods that cook at different temperatures. With the legs and wheels folded up the 36x18x12 inch 50 pound Coleman is extremely portable. Coleman also sells separate grill, griddle and stove grates that can be used on the RoadTrip grill.
  • The Smoke Hollow 28159K is a great portable to take to your next tailgating party. It has a 325-square-inch cook surface to provide plenty of cook area and 15,000 BTUs to ensure a good even heat. Just like the Coleman the legs and wheels fold-up for easy portability. The metal hook next to the burner controls assure easy access to your BBQ tools (preferably Seahawks themed).
  • If you do not have that much space the Stansport SS might be the grill for your tailgating needs. At only 10x10x15.5-inches it does require much space. It only weighs 5 pounds so carrying it is not a chore. The 129-square-inch cooking surface and 20,000 BTUs still give you plenty of area and power for all your tailgating needs. At under 100 dollars it might very well be the best choice for the budget minded.
  • At 12.8×12.8×11.5-inches and weighing a mere 4 pounds the Coleman 9940-A55 Roadtrip party grill is small and compact enough to fit in small spaces. It only provides 8,000 BTUs but the designed of this grill gives it a good flow that cooks just like a high output grill. It is also under 100 dollars so it will fit well in those on a tight budget.


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