8 great books that will keep your mind busy

8 Jan

There is nothing quite like reading a good book to help you relax after a long day. Once you open the cover, or turn on the e-reader, and start reading you are transported to other worlds, a different time or learn about subjects that interest you. What ever genre of book you like it is always a great way to break the daily doldrums.

Reading also offers some benefits for your everyday life. By keeping your brain active it helps with your cognitive skills needed for all aspects of life. A good book can also be beneficial to your health by lowering your stress level.

The following is a list of books that you might not have heard of that I reviewed:

  • Mategual Island is the first book in a paranormal mystery series. In the first book Bill and Karen Anderson take their twin daughters Sophie and Terri to the little Island off the coast of Maine. Not long after the family move into their new home they learn of the Indian legend surrounding the property. Later that evening Sophie and Terri find and old box containing artifacts that seem to fit into the legend and Bill find mysterious symbols in the basement. It is then that events start happening that turn everything upside down for Bill and Karen.
  • Creedor is a wonderful science fiction fantasy that will carry you away into a world of wizards, an epidemic, a political coup and mysterious invaders.
  • Omniverse by Liam Parker is a great trilogy that will take you world where you are caught between fantasy and reality in an eternal struggle of good and evil.
  • For love or loyalty in the first book in a historical fiction trilogy that chronicles the Campbell family. In the first book deals mostly with indentured servitude and young love.
  • Dark biology by Bonnie Doran is a romantic, suspenseful and out this world science fiction novel that will keep the reader well engaged from beginning to end
  • John Smith: The last known survivor of the Microsoft Wars by Roland Hughes is not your typical post-apocalyptic piece of fiction but also a well written piece of philosophy.
  • Fiona Thorn and the Carapacem Spell by Jen Barton is a delightful work of children’s fiction and adventure.
  • Memories with Maya by Clyde Dsouza is a technology thriller, with some romance and erotica, that will take you on an intense journey along with Daniel, Krish and Maya as take virtual reality to new heights.

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