5 things you didn’t know about Issac Hayes

31 Mar

Long before artist such as L.L.Cool J, Ice T and Will Smith had successful crossover careers music, television and movies there was Issac Hayes. In 1968 Issac Hayes burst on to the music scene with his second album Hot Buttered Soul. Over the net 40 years he took that success and went on to not only have a great recording career but also acting in more than 60 T.V. Show and movies.

Outside his music and acting there are several things you may not know about Mr. Hayes. The following is just five of those:

South Park

Issac Hayes was the voice of Chef for 136 from 1997-2006 when he quit the show over religious differences. It was that year that the producers of South Park came up with the idea of doing an episode that poked fun at Scientology. The script did not go over well with Mr. Hayes who had been a member of Scientology since 1993.

Academy & Grammy Awards

In 1971 Mr. Hayes won an Academy Award for best original song for the Theme from Shaft. The award made Mr. Hayes one of the first African-Americans to win an Oscar. That same year the soundtrack also garnered him 3 Grammies and a Golden Globe Awards.


Issac Hayes was offered 7 music scholarships after high school. He turned down all of them and opted to join Floyd Newman’s band where he played both piano and saxophone.

Hall of fame

At the age of 60 Issac Hayes was inducted into the Rock & Roll hall of fame. At his induction he was recognized for his contributions to disco, urban-contemporary music and rap.


Issac Hayes opened a soul food restaurant in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. On the menu for his restaurant he had a platter named for the album that started his career. Mr. Hayes also had his own BBQ sauce and wrote a cookbook.


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