5 things you didn’t know about George Wallace

9 Jul

For almost four decades George Wallace has been a stand-up comic, writer and an actor. He start working the comedy club circuit with other rising stars like Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Roseanne Barr and Jay Leno. That is where he developed his style of observational humor that keeps us all in stitches and wanting more. Over the next three decades he worked his way to Las Vegas were he has become one of the premiere headlining acts.

Outside of all the success Mr. Wallace ha enjoyed there have been several things most people don’t know about him. Here are five of those little known facts:

He won a lawsuit against the Bellagio

In April of 2014 George Wallace was awarded $1.3 million dollars over an injury he sustained at the Bellagio hotel & casino back in December of 2007. The jury found that loose wires on the stage lead to an Achilles tendon injury that Mr. Wallace suffered during a stand-up routine he was performing. After he was granted the award, Mr. Wallace said, I’d rather have a good foot than have the money.”

Even though the injury has healed Mr. Wallace still has a limp.

He became an author, in 2013

In the fall of 2013 Mr. Wallace wrote a humorous and inspirational book about how we all have struggles in life and the medicine Is too keep our sense of humor and try to find something to laugh about. In his book “Laff it off” he brings his style of looking at everyday situation to the written page showing that the best way to keep from letting life make us bitter is to find a glimmer of humor.

He was the best man at Jerry Seinfeld’s wedding

In 1999 George Wallace stood up as the best man at the wedding of his long-time friend Jerry Seinfeld. The two comedians became good friends in 1980 when they were both rising stand-ups on the club circuit. Over the years since then their careers had taken then on different paths of success. Where ever those paths took them they would stay in touch and when Mr. Seinfeld decided to take the plunge he called up his long-time friend to be by hi side at the wedding.

He was one of the writers for Redd Foxx

At almost a decade into his career Mr. Wallace was asked to be a writer on “The Redd Foxx Show”. He spent one season writing for the show before his longing to be on the stage called him back to resume his stand up routine.

Finally fulfilled his childhood dream

Ever since he was 6 year-old George Wallace wanted to be a comedian. Different events in his life would prevent him from achieving that dream for the next 19 years. One of those events was his mother dyeing when he 16 years-old. After that he moved halfway across the country where he went work for Firestone. The next phase of his journey was to at an ad agency. It was while working there a client invited him to his comedy club where he was a hit.


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