5 things you didn’t know about Jimmie Walker

18 Aug

In 1969, a tall, lanky 22 year-old kid from the Bronx stepped on to the stage of a comedy club. That first performance turned out to be the first of many that would start Jimmie Walker onto a path that would make him one of the biggest names in comedy. By the early 1970’s he was already a headlining act and getting some television exposure. In the next few years his career expanded into television and movie roles. Almost 5 decades after that first performance he is still keep us laughing with his views of current topics and anecdotes.

He worked at Yankee Stadium

After dropping out of high school in his junior year Jimmie Walker took a job as a peanut vendor in Yankee Stadium. He start work there during the 1964 world series. While he was working there Yankee slugger Mickey Mantle gave him a silver dollar that he kept to this day.

He was a radio engineer

Jimmie Walker dropped out of high school and took odd jobs to help around the house. After a few years though he was ready to go on with his education. So, he tool advantage of a government funded program called SEEK (search, education, evaluation and knowledge) that would allowing him to work part-time and continue his education. Through his studies he was able to get work at radio station WRBR were he was a radio engineer.

Both Jay Leno and David Letterman wrote for him

Among the people that Jimmie Walker had working as his joke writers were a couple of up and coming comics that would go on to fame as late night talk show hosts. Both Jay Leno and David Letterman were joke writers for Mr. Walker in the early 1970’s. Some of his other writers, Richard Jeni and Louie Anderson, would also go on to big careers.

He has an app

In 2012 Jimmie Walker approved n app for iOs, Apple mobile, that allows people to watch older and current routines on their mobile devices. The app is constantly being update with new and vintage Jimmie Walker clips.

He takes a commonsense view of politics

Mr. Walker calls himself a “logicist” because he political views stem from commonsense and logic. He has been vocal about his stance on affirmative action outliving its usefulness, amnesty for the children of illegal immigrants, and the death penalty. He voted for Reagan and Clinton.


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