5 things you didn’t know about Joe Rogan

24 Aug

For nearly 3 decades Joe Rogan has been a stand-up comic, actor, martial arts and sports commentator, and podcaster. In that time he has been keeping us laughing with routines like the “Devolution of dumb people” and “Talking Monkeys in space”. Some people might be a little put off by his use of curse words at times but if you can get past that you are in for a laughfest.

He is probably best known as the host of the “Fear Factor” during its original run from 2001-06 and its short revival for the 2011-12 season. A large number of people probably also remember him for his 5 years (1994-99) on the show “NewsRadio” where he played electrician Joe Garrelli.

Beyond the laughs there is much more to Joe Rogan that mot people don’t know. The following is just 5 facts about him.

He is a Tae Kwon Do grand champion

By the age of 15 Joe Rogan earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. For the next 4 years he was the Massachusetts open champion. Then, in 1987, at the age of 19 he entered the United States championship tournament where he won the lightweight championship and then went on to beat both the middleweight and heavyweight champs for the grand championship.

He is a commentator for the UFC

In 1997 Joe Rogan first joined the UFC as an interviewer. He has since gone on to become an award winning commentator. In 2011, he was named the “MMA (mixed martial arts) personality of the year”, at the MMA awards.

He does a podcast

In December of 2009 Joe Rogan has been doing a twice weekly podcast called “The Joe Rogan Experience”. In his podcast he interviews guests, talks about martial arts, comedy, science, and several other subjects.

He backed Ron Paul

Not long after Ron Paul announced that would enter as a candidate of the 2012 election, Joe Rogan voiced his support. When asked about why he was for Ron Paul, Mr. Rogan said “Because he is the only guy that is saying anything that makes sense whatsoever.” In his support Mr. Rogan did also mention how he felt that in todays politics it would be a long shot for Ron Paul.

He is a marijuana activist

Joe Rogan is among the ever growing supporters of cannabis. In his blog he talks about smoking and working out. In his stand-up and podcast he often will make some kind of a mention of marijuana. When the History channel did a documentary called “Marijuana: A chronic history”, Joe Rogan was a in it. On one of his podcast he does mention that at one time he thought that pot smokers were lazy but then a friend changed his outlook on the subject.


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