Best Halloween concerts in Seattle

25 Oct

In the original Celtic origins there was much more to the day’s celebration. To them the celebration that we would later come to know as Halloween meant honor the those that died, celebrating the coming new year, and protecting us from evil. Today, Halloween is known as a time for trick-of-treat, watching scary movies, and going to costume parties. Even though some of the original meaning has changed over the centuries, Halloween still remains a day of celebration. One of the biggest parts of any celebration is music.

The following are some of the best concerts for celebrating what Halloween was then and what is has become today:

Hallows at the cathedral

On the night before Halloween, 8 pm, and on Halloween, 2 pm & 8 pm, you will have three chances to hear the Seattle’s women’s chorus put on an emotionally charged concert. The music ranges from classic to pop and from romantic to spooky. Ticket prices for the concert will be between $15-$45. Location is at Saint Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle.

Psycho with the symphony

You might have watched Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” many times on Halloween but not like you will at this Benaroya Hall showing. With the Seattle Symphony playing the sound track and seeing it on a big screen will make the movie more terrifying. Tickets for this concert & movie event run from $31 – $112. Showing times are at 8 pm on both October 30 & 31.

All Hallow’s Eve

If you are look for a Halloween concert that is more budget friendly then head on down to the Teatro De La Psychomachia at 1534 First avenue. There you will be treated to night of music for just about every taste. The concert stars at 8 pm on Halloween and is free to the public but donations of $5 – $15 are suggested.

Cabaret Macabre

Just the name alone says this is a must for Halloween. If you are over 21 then the Columbia City Theater at 4916 Rainier avenue is the place to go for a night of music, burlesque, drinking, and dance. Tickets for the event are $17 if you buy them in advance or $20 at the door.


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