5 things we love about Albert Brooks

11 Nov

Having parents that are both in the entertainment business it was only natural that Albert Brooks, birth name Albet Einstein, would grow up with the show business bug. It wasn’t before Albert showed sings of catching that bug. In his late teens he began a 4 and a half decade career as a comedian, writer, voice-overr artist, and director. In that career he has been on just about every talk & variety show, and has over 35 acting credit. The movie he is probably most remembered for is 1991’s “Defending your Life” that he also wrote and direct.

Mr. Brooks has had some hits & misses in his career but has always kept us laughing. The following are five things that make Mr. Brooks one of our favorite comic personalities:

He is one of the best at his craft

As fans of Mr. Brooks we knew how good he is on screen. Then in 1987 Hollywood recognized what we all knew when he was nominated for an Academy Award for his supporting role in “Broadcast News. In the movie Mr. Brooks played writer/reporter Aaron Altman who was involved in a love triangle with his two co-workers at a news station.

He is carismatic

This side of him really showed through in the relationship between Mr. Brooks and Merle Streep in the movie “Defending your life”. Then his carismatic showed in real life when in 1997 Mr. Brooks married Kimberly Shlain, a website designer. A year after they were married they had their first child, a son, Jacob. A few years later the couple had their second child, a daughter, Claire.

He tells Vanity Fair magazine, “I think we give each other a huge amount of freedom to be who we are. There’s so much trust that nobody thinks twice about it. And if I need to be in my cave, and I’m trying to write something, it’s understood. There’s no clock punching… I was very fortunate when I met Kimberly – things gelled.”

He looks at subjects from different angles

One example of this is his book “2030: The real story of what happens to America”. In the year 2030 people are living longer because cancer has been eradicated. As the saying goes “beware of what you wish for because it might come true”. .

He is bring attention to brain injury in the NFL

Mr. Brooks has joined forces with Will Smith, Ridley Scott, and several other Hollywood heavyweights to make a flim to bring attention to concusion and the aftermath. The movie is to be a dramatization of the real story of the doctor that discovered a corrolation between concussions and CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). CTE is a brain diorder that has been found in several retired NFL players that suffered multiple concussions during their career.

He was in the Disniy movie “Finding Nemo”

In the both the 2003 movie “Finding Nemo” and its upcoming sequal “Finding Dory” he has been the voice of Marlin, Nemo’s father. Even though the character was a fish he portrayed the caring father figure that endears him to adults and children.


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