Target’s website crashed on cyber Monday

5 Dec

A few years back Target ran an ad where a woman taps on the doors repeating the words “open, open, open”. This morning people logging onto Target’s website were probably tapping there screens and repeating the same phrase.

For the early birds try to snatch up Cyber Monday deals the website was probably running smoothly. As Reuters reported by 10:00 am EST (7:00 am PST) that had changed. That is when traffic on the site increased to the point that went crashed or as spokesperson Jenna Rock put it almost almost crashed.

“As we experience spikes in traffic, our systems place guests in a queue and prompt them to access the site later,” she said. “We apologize to guests who experience any delays, we appreciate their patience, and encourage them to try again in a few minutes by refreshing their browser.”

Whether it actually crashed or was being metered the result was the result was the same. People expecting to catch all the 15% deals where logging onto the site only to see a sign telling them hold tight over delays being caused by a high volume of traffic. If they were lucky enough to get into the site their frustration wasn’t over as they found that certain items would not load in their carts. Instead of being able to just put the items in their carts they would get the following message, “There’s a line for this item. So sorry for the delay.”

To let Target know how they felt some of the frustrated customers took to the micro-blogging site Twitter. One of the customers was Tim Hunter who wrote, “hey @Target , great online sales that I can’t see because your site can’t handle the traffic.”


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