Get to know the Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir

12 Dec

Since ancient times music has been our most powerful form of communication. We use music to tell stories, to fall asleep and wake up, to boost our energy during workouts, and so many other times in our lives. In biblical times David, before he became King of Israel, used music to calm King Saul during bouts of mental illness.

One of the most powerful types of music is Gospel. It is the music of praise, hope, and celebration that can seem to penetrate us to the core of our being. One of the best of today is the Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir that blends over 100 voices together to produce some of the most gripping music in the Gospel genre.

In late 2006 Charles Moore, formerly of the Georgia Gospel Mass Choir, went to work sending out emails, making phone calls, and searching throughout the State of Arkansas. By the following year he put together the 132 member Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir. Since the inception the choir has toured the country, record 3 albums, been nominated and won several awards, been feature on the Bobby Jones Gospel show, and appeared with Celine Dion.

In 2013 the Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir did a fundraiser for local Van Buren High school to send their theater troop to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Edinburgh, Scotland. The was to be an invaluable at the world’s largest preforming arts festival.

We’ve had to think outside the box when it comes to fundraising, so when the idea of a benefit concert came up, I immediately thought of the Arkansas Gospel Mass Choir,”said Chuck King, one of the concert’s organizers. “The ticket sales for the concert will go entirely toward sending our aspiring young actors to the Fringe.”


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